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Title Insurance and Closings

Skillful Florida Lawyers Handle Real Estate Title and Closing Issues

Experienced Fort Myers attorneys protect residential and commercial property investments

Whether you are buying or selling property, it is essential to handle title and closing issues properly. Whether the real estate is residential or commercial, a dispute over ownership or failure to follow procedural requirements can destroy your transaction or the value of your investment. At Cheffer & Hagan, P.A., our accomplished real estate attorneys handle title, closing and escrow issues for clients throughout Florida with the thoughtfulness and professionalism they deserve. We provide meticulous analysis of real estate documents, help you obtain title insurance protection, manage escrow accounts and conduct a smooth closing. Our firm’s Florida lawyers have a detailed knowledge of federal, state and local rules so that you can avoid unnecessary risk.

Accomplished advisers provide thorough guidance on title insurance

There are two basic types of title insurance policies — one for lenders and one for owners. We work with you to determine the best type of title insurance that suits you and meets your needs. Property owners should be aware of possible coverage exclusions that include:

  • Eminent domain, in which the government takes property ostensibly for a public use and compensates the existing owner.
  • Defects, liens or adverse claims known to the insured but unknown to the insurance company. Willful concealment usually cancels title coverage so you must disclose any potential problems in writing to your insurance company before the policy goes into effect.
  • Any environmental protection law restricting or relating to the use or occupancy of the property.

All homeowners should discuss these issues with their attorneys before closing or refinancing. To find out how we can help protect you and your property from unnecessary risk and harm, contact us today.

Respected firm executes closings carefully and efficiently

Whether you’re looking to complete a real estate purchase, sale or refinancing agreement, the closing is the worst possible time for an error or a previously unnoticed concern. Our firm doesn’t just review documents to make sure that you interests are protected, but also explains each one clearly so that you have the confidence you need to close the deal. We spot potential pitfalls and maintain escrow accounts securely and transparently. When the closing day arrives, our skilled lawyers handle each aspect of the transaction with skill and precision.

Contact experienced Florida property title and closing attorneys for a consultation

To schedule an appointment, call Cheffer & Hagan, P.A. at 239-334-1381 or contact us online today. Our office is located in Fort Myers, Florida.

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